Our Story

Happyfoods Group of Restaurants is the team behind Sariwon Korean Barbecue, Soban K-Town Grill and Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ. Enjoy a limited menu of your favorite ready-to-cook Korean BBQ, kimchi and sauces from our Central Kitchen in Quezon City. 
Kamsahamnida! ❤️
Sariwon Korean Barbecue
Sariwon is the name of the town in North Korea where grandmother Mrs. Bun-im-Koo first developed an extraordinary recipe for Korean Beef Bulgogi. Made from 12 different kinds of fruits and vegetables and prepared without sugar, it was created with love for her diabetic husband. Mrs. Koo opened her first humble restaurant with 20 seats serving friends and neighbors in 1938. More than 70 years and 2 generations later, Sariwon has grown into a powerful, multi-awarded presence in South Korea, with its main branch in Seocho, Gangnam having over 500 square meters and 350 seats. Sariwon was awarded “Best Korean Restaurant” by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and has even earned accolades from The New York Times, proclaiming its Beef Galbi as the “most tender and succulent in Seoul”. Finally in Manila, Filipinos now have the opportunity to enjoy Sariwon’s delicious and authentic Bulgogi and Galbi, in honor of Mrs. Koo’s lasting legacy.


Soban K-Town Grill


Soban K-Town Grill is a collaboration between award-winning Korean restaurateur, Mr. Sung Rah of Sariwon Korean Barbecue and his Philippine franchisee, the Happyfoods Group of Restaurants. Soban 소반 means small tray or table.

Our menu was born out of a desire to evolve Korean cuisine. Inspired by Korean immigrant communities in Los Angeles and New York, we set out to put bold, new and delicious flavors in traditional K-BBQ using only the choicest cuts of beef, pork and chicken.

Start off with our Samgyupsal, thick-cut European pork belly soaked and aged overnight in our 6 signature marinades, then savor our Woo Samgyup, joyously marbled and tender USDA Choice beef belly. Finish off with our Dak Ganjeong, our own spin on the crispy Korean fried chicken. Of course, no Soban experience will be complete without a bounty of delightful Banchan, side dishes that turn a humble and simple meal into a full-blown Korean feast.

Here in Soban K-Town Grill, we aim to serve your favorite Korean BBQ and more in a bold, new flavorful way. Please enjoy!

Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ
Sibyullee is named for a small village in Korea with a wet market where our founder’s grandmother used to shop for her fresh fruits and vegetables to use in her cooking. Today, we are proud to offer authentic unlimited Korean Barbecue using premium meats sourced from USA and Europe carefully marinated with our secret sauces, deliciously tasty Korean Fried Chicken and our signature Korean Seafood Pancake.
Sit back, relax and indulge your cravings at your one and unli Sibyullee.
Sibyullee is the third restaurant concept brought to life by award-winning Korean restaurateur, Mr. Sung Rah and his Philippine partner, the Happyfoods Group of Restaurants. It joins Sariwon Korean Barbecue and Soban K-Town Grill in offering an array of delicious and memorable Korean dining experiences to Filipinos.