K-BBQ Feast Gift Box B

Regular price ₱2,200.00

Beautifully designed gift box containing:

  1. Marinated Beef Bulgogi (USDA Choice marinated beef bulgogi) 250g
  2. Soy Garlic Samgyupsal (Marinated pork belly in a comforting blend of soy sauce and garlic) 500g
  3. Fresh Woo Samgyup (USDA Choice fresh beef belly) 500g
  4. Sweet and Spicy Pork Bulgogi (Marinated pork bulgogi) 250g
  5. Kimchi (Signature cabbage kimchi) 250g
  6. Homemade Ssamjang (Soybean dip for meats) 250g
  7. Homemade Woo Sauce (Sweet sauce for beef)   250g

Each gift box is wrapped in twine and has a gift tag. We can write a special message for you if you want to deliver this directly to your loved one. Please write your message in the Special Instructions in the Cart page before Checkout. 

Shelf Life:

  • 7 days for Meats in Vacuum Packs (Keep frozen)
  • 5 days for Kimchi Jars (Keep chilled)
  • 20 days for Ssamjang and Woo Sauce jars   (Keep chilled)